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"I have used your product before on my parent’s roof and it works amazingly well. I ordered 2 gallons on Monday and it was delivered this morning (Wednesday) by FedEx - amazing. Thank you for awesome service".
Chris C
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


"Rarely do I send feedback to a company about their product but I'm so impressed I had to write. 10 stars for your product!
The algae growth on my roof was getting out of control over a 2 years period. I noticed many roofs in my neighborhood with the same problem, so my situation wasn't just my yard. I had to take action, replacing the roof was not an option. I did my research... Roof-Be-Clean had nothing but positive feedback.
We applied in the fall before the temperature fell below freezing. WELL, well… by the next day the algae was dark and DEAD! A winter of snow has scraped all the dead moss off and our roof looks new again. Is see a few areas that were missed so I'll be ordering more.
Application was super simple with a garden sprayer, I refilled from the ground and husband applied from a ladder.
One Gallon of #3 easily covered the areas affected of our 1,700 sq. ft ranch. What a small price to pay to save your roof."
Patti D-S
Port Huron, Michigan


"I called the number on the info as my husband had a question and the man I talked with was great at customer service. We ordered this product and crossed our fingers.
Needless to say, both the roof and garage were sprayed, and sure enough after awhile the stuff worked and the stains and moss are gone!
Just today I was passing a neighbors house who had some trees taken down, and I wanted to ask about the service. After speaking with them, I noticed their roof had moss on it. I told them about the product we had used, and told them I would go home and ask my husband or try to look it up online. My husband found the bottle of stain remover and I copied down the information.
We live in New Hampshire, so you know we have a lot of trees here.
Never will we use another product. It works, nuff said.
Thanks for a great product!"
Mr & Mrs Groth
Surry, NH


"I use Roof-Be-Clean on my roof and I think it’s great. It absolutely works as you say it does. I live in north central Connecticut and there are so many roofs that are badly stained in my area but no one I talk to has any idea what Roof-Be-Clean is. I see people putting new roofs on their house just because of the staining. My roof was so bad I wasn't sure it would ever come clean but after using Roof-Be-Clean it looks great. I'm not easily impressed but Roof-Be-Clean has managed to do just that."

John C.

Enfield, CT



“Three weeks ago I purchased your "Roof Be Clean" product online.  Quite honestly I had my doubts as to its potential effectiveness because my roof was very streaky black in many areas where the sun does not shine especially late in the summer.  Well I must say I've been more than pleasantly surprised.  The product is simply astonishing.  As strange as it may be the roof in just this short period of time is almost back to normal and you could see results on a weekly basis.  I'm sure I'll be spending limited maintenance on this roof from now on.  The 45 minutes I spent to disperse the product was money well spent.”

Mr. Gene Z.


Hopkinton, MA



“As an architect, I specify and recommend hundreds of products for residential and commercial construction for both new construction and building maintenance. When the roofs of my home and various sheds developed mold and algae growth I tried Roof-B-Clean. This product words as advertised!!! The blend #1 product removed heavy mold growth that had developed over the years on my shed roof under the shade of the apple tree. The mold and algae growth on the roof of my home have also disappeared since I started to use this product. I will continue to use this product to keep my roofs looking clean. Like the saying goes – when you find something that works, stick with it”

Steve K.

Senior Project Architect


Cincinnati, OH



Roof staining is a major problem here in the coastal area of South Carolina.  I have found "Roof-Be-Clean" as the best product available after trying various products.  I initially cleaned a very stained roof several years ago with "Roof -Be- Clean” and am now using a more diluted amount occasionally to maintain the appearance.  The price is right and the results are excellent.  I have recommended this product to my friends.

Mr. Jim D.

Home Owner

Pawleys Island, South Carolina



I really do not do this often, but I had to send some praise for your product. I live in LA most of the time, but recently bought my second home in Swanville Maine (I have had a home in Searsport Maine for 23 years). Anyway, the house here in Swanville was an old camp that was really bad off when I got it, with the roof being a serious eyesore. I used your product and the roof looks near new-----really hard to believe since I bet it was a total tear off situation. It was black, and totally covered with mold and moss. I have been a B1 general contractor in California for 35 years. Your product lived up to everything you advertised and more. If it could save this roof, it can save any roof. I have, of course, told everybody I met about it, and will continue to do so. Thanks again.   Superb product.

Phil T.

T. Construction

Follow up note…  Dear Mr. B.- I certainly meant every word. If you would like to use the letter from me----- by all means---- the more folks that know about your products, the better. Thanks again for the excellent results----- Phil and Sandy T.



I live in Central Pennsylvania and have had moss on my house roof for a number of years. I used two applications of Roof-Be-Clean Blend #1 and my roof is completely moss free. I used LiquidZinc to prevent further problems. The ease of use and results is outstanding. Great Products!

Irvin C.


Clearfield, PA



I recently purchased my third gallon of Roof-Be-Clean to address some stains starting on an untreated section of my roof. The front roof section, which faces North and the street, looks almost new. It really improves the curb appeal of the house. I'm sure some of the neighbors are wondering why my roof has gotten better and better while those on either side, and down the street, continue to get worse.

To apply the product, I mix it in a plastic jug and then pour it into a children's Super Soaker (water cannon) squirt gun. I got the biggest one I could find and it shoots about 20 feet. It may look stupid as people drive by, but there I am up on a ladder with a multi-colored plastic squirt gun the size of a bazooka. From the edge of the roof, I can apply the solution to the top shingles. Since I don't need to climb on a steep roof, I'm still alive and able to enjoy my clean roof.

Dr. Tom E.


Alexandria, Louisiana



YES! YES! YES! This product really, really works. It is for real. I'm the last house on my side of the street. All the roofs, with the exception of mine, are stained with ALGAE.

Jim N.

Newark, DE



“I have used your product, Roof-Be-Clean, over the years and have installed ZincShield zinc strips and am very pleased as my roof is clean and other similar aged homes in my neighborhood have black areas on their roofs”.