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Roof Cleaning Without Harmful Power Washing
Roof-Be-Clean ® … Cleans Away Roof Stains … Keeps Roof Stains Away

Roof-Be-Clean ® Removes Moss & Lichen while Preventing Future Growth

100% Satisfaction ... Guaranteed !

Are you tired of those ugly roof stains on your house?  Or, if your roof is currently clean, do you want to avoid having roof stain and/or moss & lichen?   Roof-Be-Clean ® STAIN AWAY is a revolutionary, patent-pending product with a dual action formula that cleans roof stains away and provides a shield to prevent future staining (and moss/lichen growth).

We recognize that all roof situations are not the same.  Some roofs are already highly stained while others currently have little or no stains.  To handle these differences, we provide a unique concept that lets you choose the custom blend of Roof-Be-Clean ® that best meets your specific needs:  

Blend 1 - For stained roofs.   Heavy emphasis is on stain removal.  When the stain on your roof has been there for a number of months and/or looks dark (see roof photo to the right) use Blend 1.  Also use Blend 1 for treating existing Moss & Lichen issues.

Blend 2 – For roofs with early signs of staining.   Just starting to see some streaking on your roof?  Then use Blend 2 to prevent the stains from spreading and to get your roof clean.

Blend 3 – For currently clean roofs.   If you are fortunate enough to have a clean roof, use Blend 3 to keep your roof clean from stains, moss & lichen.

Summer is here!!  It's time to get your house looking good by doing all those outdoor summer cleaning chores. During the summer months, the best time to apply Roof-Be-Cleanâis during the morning or the late afternoon when your roof is cooler.  These times allow for better penetration as well as more comfortable working conditions. Roof-Be-Cleanâshould be applied after a day or so without any rain so the algae, mold, moss, etc. will be “thirsty” and will soak up Roof-Be-Cleanâlike a sponge. 

SO this is the time of year when we offer all blends of Roof-Be-Cleanâon sale – our Summer Sale.

Why? – To encourage you to get to work and be on your way towards having a clean roof again.

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Roof Stains & Other Roof Issues

Years ago, stains on asphalt shingled roofs were not a significant problem.  Today it is a big problem because the design of asphalt shingles has changed over time. For the last 30 years or so, asphalt shingles have been manufactured using limestone as the base filler - this is the core of the problem as this design encourages the stain spreading across the roof.

There are a number of types of stains/roof issues and these can vary by the part of the country in which you are located.  Roof-Be-Clean® handles most of these issues including black stains, green stains and silver/gray stains (these are often round or flower shaped in appearance). Roof-Be-Clean® can handle stains that appear to be in clumps or mats on the roof (more common in the northeast and northwest sections of the US).  However Roof-Be-Clean® does not work on stains caused by rust or creosote (from wood burning stoves) nor does Roof-Be-Clean® remove paint from the roof.

Algae, Moss & Lichen also Damage the Roof & Shortens Roof Life

 It is bad enough that roof stains are ugly, unfortunately they also lead to roof damage.  The granules which protect & color the roof are dislodged over time.  The stains hold moisture to the roof's surface and can cause decay & rot of the roof's underlayment.  Not only is your roof being discolored by the stains, but life of the roof is shortened leading to an early roof replacement.  Moss and lichen do the same -however, the damage normally occurs much faster.

There are Three Ways to have a Clean Roof Again

1.  Re-roof - an expensive option. Your roof likely has more useful life.

2.  Power Wash or Brush Clean - damages the roof shingles by breaking away the granules that protect & color the roof shortening the life of the roof.

3.  Apply Roof-Be-Clean® - just spray it on (after proper dilution as directed) with an ordinary garden pump sprayer.  As it goes to work over the next few months, it continues to be effective.  When it rains, the stains are gently washed away revealing your roof’s true colors once again (normally in about 3 to 9 months).  For heavily stained roofs, additional applications are recommended in 30-45 day intervals until the desired results are obtained.  After, your roof is clean, use Roof-Be-Clean® every 12 to 24 months to avoid future staining (see Roof Applications for more details).

If fast removable of stains is a necessity, apply Roof-Be-Clean® as directed.  Wait several days and wash off the roof from the bottom up using a garden hose with a standard spray nozzle.  Take care to avoid spraying water under the shingles and avoid walking on the roof if at all possible.  We do not recommend this approach since any washing of the roof can result in loss of roof granules.  Our desire is that you achieve a clean roof without doing any damage in the process. That is why we always recommend application and then allow nature to do the washing over time.


 Roof-Be-Clean® Contains NO Harmful Bleach, Chlorine or Phosphates 


Bleach, chlorine and phosphates are harmful to the environment and can damage plants and bushes around your home.  These chemicals have no lasting effect.  Bleach, when used incorrectly, can actually bleach out the color in your roof – we have seen this happen a number of times.  Bleach can also neutralize some types of chemicals used for termite protection around your home and damage aluminum gutters.

[ZincShield.com] Is There a Long Term Solution to Preventing Roof Stains?

 Yes, there is. The long term solution for putting an end to ugly roof stains and moss/lichen is ZincShield® zinc strips.
ZincShield® is made of 99% pure zinc and comes in a 50-foot roll with 2.5", 3.5" and 6.0" widths.
This product will provide protection from these stains for the life of your roof!

Detail information regarding ZincShield® and its application can be found at www.zincshield.com.

It is important to note that ZincShield® stops new stains from occurring. However, before installation, current stains must be cleaned from the roof or at least the roof should be chemically treated. So first use Roof-Be-Clean® to handle the current stains and then install ZincShield® to keep future stains away.


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